This is the last week of my data science Bootcamp at General Assembly and I started this blog 3 months ago, what a ride! Yet I feel like the journey is just starting. Overall, this was a challenging but positive experience. I wanted to combine two passions of mine when I started writing here and it is only right that music is the center of my final project.

I was lucky to find a Spotify dataset on the data word website containing about 25.000 song titles, performers, and their characteristics collected through the Spotify API. Fascinating! …

I was recently working on a data science group project about discerning real and fake news using natural language processing. I and the other group members (Elliot and Brian) had a really large dataset, around 100 megabytes, of recent news articles. It was really interesting to have all this data on hand but we quickly realized that one of the drawbacks was the time it took to process this data. Even before the modeling process, we had to perform the tokenization, stemming, sentiment analysis, part of speech tagging and all those steps took an hour each. What a nightmare! I…

During this bootcamp at General Assembly, I realized that it can be very challenging to find the balance between work and personal life. I think I am very lucky because I’m driven by this passion but I can’t count the sleepless nights anymore lol.

I always can count on music to relax and I keep coming back to these Bob Marley’s songs in between assignments ! It must be something in those songs.

Then I figured it would be a good Idea to see what people felt when they listened to these songs and use a little bit of Natural…

API’ s are one cool thing I learned in my data science bootcamp. It stands for Application Programming Interface and can be used to retrieve or manipulate data from the web inside a python environment. Once you request this data, it comes in a JSON format, Java Script Object Notation, and you can access any part of the webpage in your program since it is formatted like a python dictionary! API’s are the perfect tools to get unstructured data from the web and a bunch of popular websites already have an API like twitter or reddit.

Mohbey, K.. (2020). Multi-class approach for user behavior prediction using deep learning framework on twitter election dataset. Journal of Data, Information and Management. 2. 10.1007/s42488–019–00013-y.

I wanted to write…

I have always been interested in both music and technology and the trends associated with them. If you think about 3D TVs or Disco, then you understand that trends come and go.

It is still interesting to study our musical consumption and I intend to do just that throughout this blog using all the tools I learn in my data science bootcamp at General Assembly.

I think music we love and can’t stop listening to is based on feelings but as much as we are different, we are also very similar. …

Johann Baydeer

immersive data science bootcamp @ General Assembly

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